Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Are you interested in facilitating others to find their voice in the world? To truly create? To have an ease and joy of expressing themselves?

What if you added the empowering tools of Right Voice For You to your life or business? 

Join Christopher Hughes for a very special 3-Day Right Voice For You Facilitator Training. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn to unlock the stuck energies in people's voices and bodies
  • Step into more ease and presence on stage
  • Unravel the limitations that keep you from showing up
  • Q&A about facilitation and how you create a truly empowering space for people

While you do need to be an Access Certified Facilitator, you do not have to have a desire to facilitate Right Voice For You classes to attend. This class offers a huge array of tools for facilitating others on any topic you are interested in and stepping out in the field of your choosing. 

What if all that was required to be a great facilitator was to really stay in the question, be interesting point of view and create space for others to change? 

What do you know that would be a gift to the world? 
What is keeping you from stepping into it?


3 days


Please note that prerequisites have recently changed.

To attend Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

  • You must attend two (2) RVFY 3-Day Classes LIVE from 2 different facilitators (ONE within the 12 months before the Right Voice Facilitator training) - previously 3 Day Master Class.

To become a Right Voice For You Facilitator

  • Must be a Current Access Certified Facilitator (CF)
  • Attend two (2) RVFY 3-Day class LIVE (previously 2.5 Day Workshop) - one within 12 months of start of class
  • You must read Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer
  • Attend RVFY Facilitator training and submit application 

To Renew (for current RVFY Facilitators)

  • Must be a current Access Certified Facilitator (CF)
  • Must be current with royalties with the Access HUB
  • RVFY Facilitator Training must be attended LIVE every two years for all facilitator levels.

PLEASE NOTE: To Become a new RVFY Facilitator, you have to attend the Right Voice For You Training in person.


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