Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman 
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
3 Day Bodyclass facilitator
Talk to the Entities Facilitator
Being You Facilitator
Joy of Movement Facilitator
Access Manipulation 101 Facilitator
Body Process Facilitator
Gift of Embodiment Facilitator
Facelift Facilitator

What would your life be like if you stopped judging yourself?

What would it be like that you don’t adjust to other people’s expectations?

I find such deep joy in facilitating greater awareness, possibilities and change through Access Consciousness. It has allowed me and many people all over the world to get empowered.  

If you are ready to trust you, be empowered and be great - the tools and processes of Access Consciousness can assist you in a way I have not seen any other modality do so.

It is pragmatic and simple, yet extremely effective and deeply profound.

Change is available and it’s right here, smiling at you!

What life, what world, what future do you want to create and live in?

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Allow me to introduce myself! 

My name is Kalpana Raghuraman.

I own two successful businesses, my Access business and Kalpanarts, my dance company.

I am an Access Certified Facilitator and facilitate tons of classes around the world including my own Access Specialty Classes (Joy of Movement, You & Your Weight and Access Manipulation 101 =).

I am also a choreographer, dance teacher, performer, anthropologist (Masters), writer and….!

With all my experience, I am able to use the Access tools in a very dynamic way by being and living them.
I hope to introduce and invite you to this magic too!

Are you ready to out-create yourself?!

- What if all the things you always thought should be possible, but people told you weren't possible, actually ARE possible?!
- What if life didn't have to be hard all the time?
- What if life should indeed be about thriving and not merely surviving?
- What if life and this world can work for you instead of against you?
- And what if you were a creator and master of your life instead of its victim?
- What if things are much more changeable than anybody ever told you? 

If any of this resonates: keep reading!

- Do you remember the last time you were completely relaxed? 
- Do you feel stuck in some part of your life? 
- Do you wish to have more ease with your body and less aches and pains?

Or do you simply desire more ... from yourself and life?
See what classes or sessions can be a contribution to get that change available in your life!

Permets-moi de me présenter!

Je m'appelle Kalpana Raghuraman.


Je suis à la tête de deux entreprises que j’ai créées : d’un côté mon travail de facilitation Access Consciousness et d’autre part, Kalpanarts, ma compagnie de danse.


Je suis facilitatrice certifiée Access et je facilite un grand nombre de classes à travers le monde, y compris mes propres classes spécialisées (Joie du Mouvement, Toi et Ton Poids et Access Manipulation)


Je suis également chorégraphe, professeur de danse, interprète, anthropologue (Masters), écrivain et….!


Grâce à toute mon expérience, je suis capable d'utiliser les outils Access de manière très dynamique en les incarnant et en les vivant au quotidien.

J'espère t’inviter à découvrir cette magie toi aussi !

Es-tu prêt à sur-créer ta réalité?!


- Et si tout ce que tu pensais être possible, que les gens t’ont dit ne pas être possible, EST réellement possible?!

- Et si la vie ne devait pas être toujours difficile?

- Et si il s’agissait, en fait, de prospérer et non seulement de survivre?

- Et si la vie et ce monde pouvaient agir pour toi au lieu de contre toi?

- Et si tu étais créateur et maître de ta vie au lieu d’être victime?

- Et si tout pouvait changer bien plus qu’on ne te l’avait jamais dit?


Si cela résonne en toi : continue à lire!


- Est-ce que tu te souviens de la dernière fois où tu étais complètement détendu?

- Est-ce que tu te sens bloqué dans un domaine de ta vie?

- Aimerais-tu avoir plus d'aisance avec ton corps et moins de douleurs?


Ou désires-tu simplement plus ... de toi-même et de la vie?

Découvre les classes ou sessions qui peuvent être une contribution à ce changement dans ta vie!

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Kalpana Raghuraman is a desired Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, known for her sharpness, clarity, humor and warmth. She is also an internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer, dance mentor and Scholar. Kalpana travels the globe creating change and consciousness through her art and facilitation. She blends her capacities together beautifully as an artist with her awareness and talents as an Access facilitator. In this channel Kalpana shares videos that are candid moments where she has an insight or experience and this channel also includes recordings of online events with information about classes and much more. Dig in and enjoy!

“If "impossible" wouldn't be in your world anymore.. What would you then choose and be able to create?!”

- Kalpana Raghuraman