Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

What if it's possible to change anything in your life?

And what if it's possible to have more of everything than you have ever thought was possible, and you didn't even know that you could ask for it?

Why am I asking these questions? I'd like to invite you to consider that there a ways to change our lives and to create a more amazing and creative life, if that is of interest to you!

Coming from a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand, I married at the "normal" age and raised a family of 4 kids. I experienced the death of my first child when she was 7 mnth. And then followed that by becoming "hooked" on prescription "drugs".

When I left my marriage I struggled for years. The pain of leaving my precious kids on the farm, to work out how I was going to live without them when they had been my life for many years. I mean, when you separate and you have kids, you still have to try and work in with the person you were already having a difficult time with. Does it make it any easier when you separate? Nope, but you can't stay with that person cause you know you are dying in that relationship.

If I'd had the tools of Access then, what a difference it would have made to creating a new life. If you are reading this, you may be looking for something that will help you in your life.

I found the tools of Access over 19 years ago and I would love to inspire you to the joy of changing your life with ease. The tools and processes I use are from Access Consciousness to empower you to access your own awareness of what needs to change. The sessions and workshops I faciitate will give you the tools to keep changing and choosing more in your life.


Would you like to try some Access tools and discover for yourself that it is truly possible to change your life, no matter what your circumstances? Are you desiring a greater and more creative life?

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“All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy and Glory”

- Gary Douglas