It's that time of year, when the holiday frenzy amps up and everyone could really use a dose of irreverence, possibilities and change! Here are a few things we hope contributes to you!


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Get Happy & Stay There Telecall

Are you post holiday cranky? Having a rough patch? Or would you just like some more happy in your world?

Happiness is just a choice. And we get that this time of year it may not seem so easy…

Join us December 23!


Join The Holiday Hotline To Being You!

For many of us, the holidays is a time when we tend to lose the one thing we truly require to enjoy them…ourselves. It’s like the holidays are a test of how far we’ve come on this adventure to truly being us — and it is a tricky one!

What if you could cheat?

Available in English, Français, Deutsch, Magyar, Español, and Português!


Holiday Survival Guide with Bonus Holiday Survival ESC

What if there is something beyond both the Bah-Humbug and the Jingle Bells?

What if that something is greater, more beautiful, easier and more joyful than you could ever imagine? And what if you are that already? Under all that wrapping paper of this reality?

Check it out!

Come Watch ACTV When People Annoy You!

Celebrating the magic of family?

If not, we at ACTV are here for you! We have so many ridiculous videos that you may even forget that you're with your family!


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Joy of Business 2020 Planner

WARNING: This Planner is not for normal people, it's for those interested in doing business (and their life) different.

The Joy of Business 2020 planner that doesn't predict your day but helps you to create it! Using the unique tools of Joy of Business, find a new way to add JOY into your business and life every day while planning your way.


Free Tools For Finding Your Happy

Looking for more videos?

Watch the entire Holiday Playlist with Dr. Dain Heer!


A Bah Humbug Christmas Radio Show

Irreverent Xmas Radio Show