Talk to the Entities Summit

Welcome to the new Talk to the Entities!

Bigger, Greater and More Possible than Ever.

The TTTE Summit includes both TTTE Advanced & Facilitators, for 6 power filled days of transformation!

The Swiss TTTE Advanced class is now compulsory to attend TTTE Facilitators.
In essence the Summit is now a 6 day event to become a Talk to the Entities Facilitator!

Are you ready to become a Talk to the Entities Facilitator and walk across realities with ease?

Are you ready to acknowledge what you have always known and include all beings, big, small, happy and sad in greater transformation and creation?

Then you are ready to be a Talk to the Entities Facilitator.


6 days. 3 for Advanced & 3 for Facilitators class.
*The preceding Advanced class is now a compulsory requirement to attend TTTE Facilitators.


• Not afraid of ghosts
• Purchase & Read the Talk To The Entities Book
• TTTE Specialty Series: Walk Ins
• TTTE Specialty Series: Communicating with Entities
• TTTE Specialty Series: House Clearing A-Z
• 2 TTTE Beginning classes (one MUST be with Shannon) – can be attended live or online:

  • Purchase a previous Beginning Telecall with Shannon
  • Find a class with TTTE facilitator

• Attend TTTE SUMMIT in Switzerland - attend LIVE IN PERSON
Note: If you have all other prerequisites except for Access Facilitators License, you are welcome to attend. You may certify as a TTTE CF after you have completed Access Facilitators Licensing.
• Access Consciousness CF training (only required for TTTE Beginning) Certification

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