Ending The Primary Addiction – Judgment And The Wrongness Of You

Ready to end judgment and the addiction to the wrongness of you?

What if it were easy to show up as the true power, potency and greatness of you?

Going into judgment and the wrongness of self is one of the main things that keeps each of us small, less than and far from stepping into the gift we truly be.

Are you ready to end this insanity??!!

Can you imagine how light, expansive, joyful, generative and creative you could be without this burden? Then this class is for you!

Some of the benefits you can receive from this class include:

  • Insights into how you created this sense of wrongness and tools and processes you can use to create something different.
  • Awareness of what’s been holding this house of cards – the judgment and wrongness of you - in place, leading to an ease of dismantling it.
  • Accurate information that puts an end to the myths and lies about what addiction (including this primary addiction) is and isn’t, which allows you to come to a place of true choice.
  • An ease of being you that is not possible with judgment and a sense of wrongness in place.
  • The space for you to begin to truly show up as you and celebrate the amazing being you are! Ending this primary addiction not only gives you more of you – it’s a crucial step to ending any other addictive or compulsive behavior.

This class is designed to be fun, interactive and life changing!

Here’s what former clients have said about Marilyn: 

“Marilyn Bradford opens all the doors. I spent years in Twelve Step programs for numerous addictions. Admitting I was powerless felt like admitting I was wrong. Marilyn has helped me recognize that I was addicted to being wrong, that being wrong was actually a comfortable place for me. It was a place that kept me stuck in old habits. Marilyn's facilitation and processes have given me the insights and freedom to clear these habits and addictions. Now anything is possible. All the doors are open.” ML, Australia 

“Soooooo grateful for Marilyn and her generous insight!!! Interesting that I have chosen addicts of almost every variety as (dreadful) partners!!!! I've gone to Al Anon, Co Dependents Anon, read more 'self help' than I care to admit! Experiencing Right Recovery completely shifted my point of view. The wrongness of me (crap I 'bought' along the way) kept me in such a vortex of hopelessness. 12 step reinforces that. Right Recovery is like CPR for your soul; your being. What if you are absolutely perfect? You are!!!!!!!! Thank you Marilyn for 'cleaning house'!!!!!" S.A. MA.

“From the first time I met Marilyn - I knew that she had a 'special' something. When I was going through therapy years ago, I wished I had someone like Marilyn to go to. She's kind, caring and brilliant in her facilitation. And, don't be fooled - she is laser sharp and can call you on your 'stuff' and empowers you to 'know that you know'. She's like the kind, aware, empowering mom that I wish I had growing up. In the classes and tele classes I've taken with her, I've felt that she had my 'back' and that I could be vulnerable and tell her anything because she is in allowance and doesn't judge. How did I get so lucky?” With gratitude - L.W., CO. 

“I now receive the gift of greater freedom of CHOICE rather than being at the effect of my and others' judgments. I want to express my gratitude to Marilyn and Right Recovery for You for assisting me in having ME." R.T. CA. 

“Marilyn Bradford, through Right Recovery for You, has opened up a way of living that is beyond any other kind of therapy or program I have ever found. I have had counseling off and on for the last 15 years with some excellent therapists, but working with Marilyn has shown me that I am the person who is in charge of my life. I am a happier, more aware and more present human being as a result of my work with Marilyn Bradford. My experience with Right Recovery for You is much more than any kind of counseling program; it is an opportunity for me to create and generate my own life.” Thank you, CA 

“The Right Recovery for You Program is an absolute gift to those of us who have been in that place where no choice is the only choice you have. There is no need to be a slave to your addiction…no matter what it is. Everything is possible, everything can change. You have more power than you think you do.” J.S., Australia 

“What you have done w Access to open up the addiction side of our lives is truly amazing! How in the world do you think of all the ways to drill in? Thank you” BB

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