Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

How are you going my friend over this time of Covid-19?

Do you have stuff  going on in your life and people say to you just get over it? I know you would if you could but it just keeps hanging around? Would you like to know how do you move forward in your life and even create a greater life?

How do you get over your grief, move forward in your life and start living again after the loss of a beloved loved one? 

I am one of the people who has lost two children to dying young and I know the pain of extreme grief. I found the tools of Access in 2000 and ever since then my life has become happier and more prosperous. I tell you this so that you will know there is hope. No matter how difficult you think the situation is, when you use the tools of Access, things get better. The first tool I recommend is to start saying "All of Life comes to us with Ease, Joy and Glory" many times every day.

I discovered the Access Bars and started to run this process for others. The more I ran this process, the happier I became. 

Are you looking for how your life can get easier too? Are you looking for what else is possible?

Find out more by contacting Chrissie Shirley on Messenger, Whatsapp 0064 221877313 or  Or there is a place where you can contact me on this webpage.

How does it get any better than this my friends? What else is possible?

How can we be greater today than we were yesterday?








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“All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy and Glory”

- Gary Douglas